We redesigned Edge for Scholars last February to make it more user-friendly, interactive, and open for all to post. Upgrades we love include editions, profiles, contests, badges, and ability to follow favorite authors. (The development team rocks!)

New visitors became regular readers, hundreds of profiles were added, and fantastic new bloggers shared their voice on the Edge. Thank you for the phenomenal year of growth.

Visitors came from every corner of the world. Except Greenland. The 14 faculty members at Ilisimatusarfik remain elusive. We continue to dream our arctic colleagues will visit Edge for Scholars soon. Perhaps this year?

So far in 2018 we have created a bulletin board of national opportunities and today we are releasing a new video vault. Phew!

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Editors’ Snapshot of a Year at Edge for Scholars 

Time to repent of these 10 basic writing sins.

The Write Rules  |  Katherine Hartmann, MD, PhD


It takes only a brief gander at NIH’s instructions to authors to reinforce the need for extra technological bedazzlement. It’s right there in big letters.

Finally! Data on What Study Section Really Cares About  |  Fighty Squirrel, PhD, Awe.Some.


The PI career seems to have become the “alternative career.”

Where Have All the Scientists Gone?  |  Maureen Gannon, PhD


What do you do when you are at an academic meeting and see the only woman on a panel not being given a chance to speak? If you’re Marilee Talkington, you speak up and become an internet superhero.

When Polite Isn’t Going to Cut It: Calling Out Everyday Sexism at Conferences  |  Fighty Squirrel, PhD, Awe.Some.


A strong reputation doesn’t happen on its own. You have to build it. Here’s how.

Tips for Cultivating a National/International Reputation  |  Women on Track


Do you consider yourself an introvert? Do you get anxious thinking about how to meet new colleagues? Tips shared from a fellow introvert.

Introverts Can Network, Too!  |  Alvin Jeffery, PhD, RN


Pacing yourself is key to a successful grant submission that doesn’t leave you wrung out.

Couch to K (or R)  |  Durango Kid


February grant submitters, this means you.

Rules for NIH Proposals Are Changing Sooner Thank You think  |  The Edge for Scholars


A roundup of our favorite resources and protips on posters.

Best Poster Resources for Trainees  |  Aimee Edgeworth


Spoiler: It’s a challenge

Tales of 1 Year As a PI   |  Pipette Protagonist, PhD


With a strategy and some dedication, you can harness the firehose of new information to fuel your productivity.

Tips for Conquering the Literature  |  Alex Sundermann


Success isn’t really measured in getting more things done faster.  Rather, success is getting the right things done – period.

Spending Time with Smart People  |  Paul Harris, PhD

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