Edge for Scholars invites you to share your insights in blog posts for early career researchers, mentors, and academic leaders. All topics and styles are welcome at any time. But this sneak peek introduces future themes for The Cutting Edge. Our newsletter circulates a digest of top posts to 42,000 email subscribers about twice a month (sign up here).

Blog submissions fitting the themes are considered for the Cutting Edge. (Order and timing of topics are subject to change based on current events, new opportunities, and community priorities. Best laid plans, etc…)

Cite That Post Blog contributions are CV-worthy. Format:
On the Market: A Job Hunt Round Up. Edge for Scholars. 2020 [accessed 2021 Jan 20]; https://edgeforscholars.org/on-the-market-a-job-hunt-round-up/. (7,987 views)

Editorial Guide Typical blog length is ~300 words, but other lengths are fine. You could write a stand-alone piece or launch a series or beat. Detailed editorial guidance can be found here. Contact info@edgeforscholars.org for editorial or technical assistance. Our best advice:

  • Speak your mind. We can all find the party line. Give us your experiences, your ideas, and your opinions. We go for gritty truths, not pretty pablum.
  • Keep it relevant. We want to hear about stuff that affects biomedical researchers’ work and lives. Give us that funny/terrifying tale about everything that went wrong with your last grant submission, your rant against bibliometrics, your suggestions for how to organize a mentor panel meeting, and your questions about the latest NIH policy update.
  • Succinct = beautiful. No need to ramble or build a long introduction. Can cut to the chase. We love pithy observations and sharp, short commentary.
  • In-text hyperlinks encouraged. Give readers all the info at their fingertips. In-line links that open in a new tab maintain the reading flow.

Welcome to Edge for Scholars!

The Fine Print

Community Standards: Edge for Scholars is an open blog site. We encourage candid, but civil, conversation. Our moderators have broad discretion to remove comments and remove or edit posts that violate our Terms of Service or the rules below. Repeated violations will get a user banned.

  • Stay on topic. We are a career development website for biomedical researchers, so posts and links about topics like mentoring, networking, grant strategy, writing, teaching, and other things in our tags are encouraged.
  • Have a point. Don’t just repost links or announcements. Say something about them that encourages discussion.
  • Be courteous. Don’t insult, troll, or flame other users. We tell it like it is, but we aren’t gratuitously offensive.
  • Only post images in the public domain or for which you hold the copyright. If you don’t have a good image for your post, use the default images or let our moderators come up with one.

Moderation: We have temporarily instituted moderation to protect from excessive spam. Authors can no longer directly publish a post, but you can click Save as Draft and a moderator will release it to the site within 48 hours.

Disclaimers: Because Edge for Scholars is an open website, please remember, views and opinions expressed in posts and comments are the author(s) and not those of The Edge or affiliated institutions.

  • Authors are encouraged to carefully check accuracy of content and to update key factual information or links as needed. We strive for accuracy in all materials posted by Edge for Scholars but 1) people are human and make mistakes, and 2) things change.
  • Please exert your natural skepticism, check facts and deadlines, and confirm key details via independent sources if you intend to rely on them for key decisions or other actions.
  • We are not responsible for (but are very jazzed about) the content or how it is applied by you or others. We cannot be held liable for any damages from the website. You use the content at your own risk. We think it’s worth it.

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