Do you have something to say?  The Edge needs you! We are looking for bloggers to write four to six ~300-word posts per year.  You’ll have your own beat—like our Cranky Reviewer’s write ups of mistakes seen in study section, or reports on what’s up at NIH.  Plus you can make up a cool name for yourself and your column.

Use the form below to send us your idea and a sample post.


Speak your mind.  We can all find the party line.  Give us your experiences, your ideas, and your opinions.  We go for gritty truths, not pretty pablum.

Keep it relevant. A story about your grandmother’s dog’s birthday party goes on Facebook.  We want to hear about stuff that affects biomedical researchers’ work and lives.  Give us that funny/terrifying tale about everything that went wrong with your last grant submission, your rant against bibliometrics, your suggestions for how to organize a mentor panel meeting, and your questions about the latest NIH policy update.

Succinct = beautiful.  No need to ramble.  We love pithy observations and sharp, short commentary.

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