Great advice to share, read a book that provided valuable insights, want to alert others to a resource, or describe approaches that have made your life in academics more effective? Bring it to The Edge.

We aim to strategize about how to do great research, stay productive, network effectively, mentor well and be mentored, negotiate for resources, get grants, refine writing and editing, cultivate leadership skills, and achieve your goals. To jump start blog ideas, consider these domains:*

Leading & Giving Back
Classroom and other teaching
Developing staff
Leadership skills
Positioning oneself for leadership
Team building

Inspiration, courage, laughs
Personal finance
Self-care and stress reduction
Time management

News, Information, and Opinion
Academic gifts & celebrations
Books, movies, art
History (science, medical) & history in the making
MySci stories (interviews, pointers, what I wish I had known)
News (higher ed, policy, funding trends, etc.)
Social media riffs

Scholarly Skills
Using mentorship
Getting critique
Scientific writing
Targeting funding sources
Keeping research on track/process management
Presentation and posters skills
Strong inference and study design

Thriving in Academics
Being professional
Budget and staff management
Career development strategy
Communications skills (general writing, email, agendas, meetings)
Job seeking
Negotiating & facilitation
Personal brand (social media, personal style, traits to cultivate, wardrobe)
Presence & passion
Tenure and promotion

*Ordered alphabetically, not by priority.

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On the My Posts page, you can view, edit, and publish your drafts.  You can also edit your published posts.  Need to delete one?  Use trash.

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