Are you preparing for the next career stage, looking to change directions, or just curious to see what’s out there (perhaps for an ongoing negotiation)? We’ve rounded up job boards with postings that span career stage, scientific discipline, and industry sector. Use job alerts so new openings come to your inbox.

Journals & Societies: As an alternative to big boards, you can always browse your favorite journals or scientific society web pages. If you search directly on an institution’s Human Resources page, be savvy about potential fake job searches.

Your Network: Lastly, before we dive into a list of boards, remember your network. A warm introduction between colleagues on your behalf can go a long way (especially if you are entering a vast applicant pool in industry). And don’t be shy about a brief, polite cold call (email) or informational interview if there is an individual with whom you would like to work or a new field you would like to pursue, respectively. Who knows, they may decide to open a position just for you (within the organization’s guidelines, of course).

Job Boards

Academic Careers
Academic Positions
AcademicKeys [includes Adjunct]
Association for Clinical & Translational Science Career Center
Association for Women in Science Career Center
Cell Career Network
Center for Disease Control & Prevention – Fellowships
Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs
epiMonitor Job Bank [Epidemiology]
Higher Ed Jobs
Inside Higher Ed – Careers
National Institutes of Health – Intramural
National Postdoctoral Association Career Center
Nature Careers
New Scientist Jobs
Science Careers (AAAS)
Science Jobs

Applying & Beyond

Popular blogger Pipette Protagonist, PhD, has populated our pages with a plethora of pro tips about the job search and how to put your best foot forward, which apply to postdoctoral and faculty positions alike. Start by polishing your documents (and online profiles) and developing your personal strategy.

Search. Find. Apply.

You did it! You hit submit on the application. Next, there is an interview  (possibly virtual). And maybe a second visit. And somewhere along the way, you may hit nerve-racking radio silence from a search committee.

But, when you get that offer letter, be sure to come back to review advice on negotiation, negotiation, negotiation, and salvaging an insufficient offer. What’s a BATNA, anyway?

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