From the clutches of a search committee to the interview gauntlet, a plethora of protips from Pipette Protagonist:

Application Tales

Interview Tales

  • Not that Kind of Visit: Tales of Preparation for Your First Interview
    To prepare for your first interview in Your Favorite Department, you’ll want to prepare the research talk (what audience? what format?), consider any necessary accommodations, and read up on the interviewers.
  • Not that Kind of Candidate: Tales from the Interview Gauntlet
    Several experiences have been compiled to give a general outline of what the interview day may entail. Some elements may now be in a virtual format – and the traditional dinner likely will be omitted – but expect the types of meetings and follow-up etiquette to hold true.
  • Not that Kind of Interview: Tales from the Second Visit
    The second visit is the candidate’s time to take a deeper dive into what the institution, department, and city have to offer. Whether in-person or virtual, preparation includes making an exhaustive list of personal and professional questions and requesting key meetings to lay the groundwork for subsequent negotiations.

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