As academics create our home video conferencing studios and valiantly work to keep the content of life, if not the format, stable, we’ve got interviews to do. Late winter and early spring are peak season for post-doctoral interviews and second visits for faculty hires.

Whether you are interviewing or being interviewed, odds are you are about to be a video star.  We’ve rounded up the most practical and clear advice we could find to help with preparation.

Essential Tips to Prepare for a Video Job Interview via Monster

Part of preparation should be a “plan if things go haywire.”

8 Proven Video Interview Tips to Help You Succeed via FlexJobs

Punctuality still matters, so get set up early.

ACE your Skype Job Interview: 14 Smart Tips via CBS News

“Consultant Kerrie Hopkins…advises not only practicing but also recording your efforts to review.”

7 Deadly Skype Interview Sins via The Huffington Post

Cuts to the chase and reminds that your screen name is part of your first impression.

Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid, Part 3: Phone & Interview Pet Peeves via Forbes

Heading off a sense of low energy and inadvertent casual language.

Rocking the Phone/Skype Interview via “The Professor Is In”

Solid, generalizable tips for students through faculty.

7 Tips to Nail a Skype Interview via Forbes Magazine

In addition to preparing what you will say and “looking the part,” “prepare your surroundings.”

How to Ace Your Interview on Skype via Skype

Practical tutorial including technical options within Skype.

And a new tool… background blur.

15 Advanced Zoom Tips for Better Video Meetings via Groove

Ninja skills like rapid invites, shortcuts, and little-known settings including making your video image more attractive.

Please add your stories, recommended links, and tips in comments as we all work to adapt.

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Thanks for sharing! Recently learned that upperwear is all I need for Zoom

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