If you’ll be submitting a grant in February, now is the time to start preparations.  Understanding the path and having a clear timeline is key to a successful grant submission that doesn’t leave you wrung out.

Dr. Carol Lorenz, aka Durango Kidprovides everything you need to pace your winter grant to successful submission.  With a history of managing more than 70 grant submissions in a year, Dr. Lorenz is a PhD scientist with guaranteed reality-based expertise in project management.  Over the course of six blog entries, she breaks down the huge endeavor of a grant submission into manageable chunks, and shows you how to create a customized grant timeline to ensure the smooth completion of your application.

Part 1: #*@*! Plan is Not a Four-Letter Word

Why should you do this? How can it help you? Assignment: Decide on which grant you want to apply for.

Part 2: Planning to Plan: Gathering Materials

How should you start your plan? Assignment: Assemble supplies for creating a paper timeline.

Part 3: Can You (Really) Do Your Proposed Study?

How to assess feasibility so you don’t bite off more than you can chew (or put into one application). Assignment: Create a project proposal.

Part 4: Researchers: Start Your Timelines

How much time do you really have, and how can you best break it down? Assignment: Add submission date and units of time to your timeline. For February 2018, we suggest these dates.

Part 5: 500 Mile(stones)

Milestones can tell you if you’re progressing at the right pace toward your submission due date. Assignment: Note important dates and transfer them to your timeline.

Part 6: Buckets of Fun (Work?)

How to break your work into packages so you can then define specific tasks. Assignment: Create your buckets.

Part 7: What’s In Your Bucket(s)?

Now that you have your buckets, what do you put in them? Assignment: Brainstorm tasks and fill your buckets, then your timeline.

An example of a completed timeline (click for full size).

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