A Year at The Edge

We welcomed more scholars to The Edge and saw new bloggers find their voice on topics ranging from grant writing and faculty life to diversity and social media.

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For this edition we’ve curated the Top Ten posts of 2019.

Using Timelines to Diagnose Problems in Career Planning

Katherine Hartmann, MD, PhD
Translating intended goals into a simple timeline is a powerful tool for staying on track.


Mapping the Path for K or R Submission

Edge for Scholars
Pacing yourself is key to a successful grant submission.


NIH Offers New Type of K99/R00

Edge for Scholars
In 2020, NIH will accept applications for a new career development award focused on diversity.


Tales of Negotiation

Pipette Protagonist, PhD
Negotiate like your academic future depends on it. It does.


Reviewers & Editors Share the Secret Sauce

Katherine Hartmann, PhD
Publishing Your Medical Research
 has a secret sauce – data from reviewers and editors.


10 Insider Tips: What Your Grants Manager Wants You to Know

Helen Bird
Twenty years of grants management experience in one post.


Designing Your Career

Edge for Scholars
Just as you start an experiment with a hypothesis, have clear aims for your career at the beginning.


Thrills & Perils of Living on the Edge

David Sacks, PhD
Doing everything right but still feeling anxious?


Writing Teaching & Diversity Statements

BRET Office Career Development ASPIRE Program
Top tips for writing these crucial parts of your job application.


If They Can’t Trust You with Stats, They Won’t Trust You with $$$

James West, PhD
You’ve convinced reviewers that your premise and preliminary data are strong, but your statistics can still make you look amateurish.


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