Spark a career path or inspire creativity with these Edge-tastic STEM gifts for future scientists.

Gifts to Inspire Future Scientists

  1. LEGO MINDSTORMS for 50 robots in one box $359.95
  2. 3D Christmas Tree for soldering fun $13.99
  3. Dr. Mae Jemison for a DIY role model $0
  4. KiwiCo for kids who like to tinker – price varies
  5. Virulence card game for game night with icosahedrals $19.99
  6. MEL Med for high schoolers practicing surgery with phantoms $69.90 per month
  7. Terraforming Mars for human exploration $49.85
  8. Future Veterinarian for new puppy parents $14.99
  9. Geodes for a pretty coal alternative $14.95
  10. Picasso Tiles for colorful architecture $31.99
  11. Artie 3000 for an adorable coding/creative combo $55.95
  12. Sphero BOLT for a round about way to code $149.99
  13. Binoculars for taking a closer look $23.99

Books to inspire

  1. The Polio Pioneer for explaining pandemics $13.79
  2. Machines that Think for artificial intelligence $13.89
  3. The Wonders of Nature for nature-loving kids $13.69
  4. Changing the Equation for trailblazing women you may not know $17.69
  5. A Shot in the Arm for a history of vaccines $6.29
  6. Gnu and Shrew for dreamers and doers $14.39
  7. The How and Wow of the Human Body for middle school body facts $11.46
  8. It’s a Numbers Game! Baseball for sneaking in some math $13.49
  9. Who Gives a Poop? for fascinating fecal research $16.34
  10. Beastly Bionics for brilliant biomimicry $14.26
  11. Planes for budding aviators $10.59
  12. Numbers in Motion for problem-solvers $14.59
  13. Lewis Latimer for lighting up the world $5.99
  14. Calling all Minds for young inventors $16.34
  15. Karl’s New Beak for 3D printing to the rescue $15.22
  16. This Book Will (Help) Cool the Climate for being part of the solution $11.79 (or this one)
  17. See You in the Cosmos for a novel inspired by curiosity $8.99
  18. Mission to the Bottom of the Sea for a deeper dive $16.25
  19. I’m a Biomedical Informatics Expert for inspiring the next generation $9.95 (see Edge review)

Prices accurate as of 11/24/21

Please consider buying from an independent bookstore.

For hundreds of other gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board of STEMM gifts and books. They are stuffed full of STEMM gifts for kids of all ages.


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