Do you remember the moment you decided to become a scientist? What inspired you? Were there others around that you could look to as role models? For many kids from rural areas or who may become first generation college students, like myself, that answer is likely no. The new “Who Me?” book series from World Scientific Publishing Co. hopes to introduce those kids and others to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers.

Each book takes the young reader on a journey from the childhood of the profiled scientists conducting their first backyard experiments to their current careers as academic researchers and the discoveries they’ve made leading a team of investigators. The authors share how their curiosity and desire to explore the unknown inspired them to train in STEM disciplines. They hope to inspire kids to follow in their footsteps by sharing their stories in an accessible way to young readers. The first three books in the series introduce young investigators to the careers of a bioarchaeologist, biomedical informatics expert, and an astronomer.

Do you have an explorer or burgeoning scientist in your life? Share this series with them and introduce them to careers that encourage their curiosity. Share with others what inspired you to become a scientist. You may be the role model they are looking for.

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