Spark a career path or inspire creativity with these Edge-tastic STEM gifts for future scientists.

Gifts to Inspire Future Scientists

1. DIY spider robot kit for scaring grandparents  $17.99

2. Astronaut duvet cover for inspiring dreams  $119

3. R/C Snap Rover for driving engineers  $56.99

4. Makey Makey for turning bananas into keyboards  $34.34

5. Plush Organs for pre-pre-med students to cuddle and learn  $18

6. Robots with personalities for not following the rules  $15

7. Clip Connects for building imagination  $9.99

8. Doctor Lab for real life experiments  $49.99

9. 3D Snap Circuits for taking electronics into a new dimension  $41.21

10. Elements Photo Card Deck for beautiful chemists  $24.95

11. Lego Chain Reactions for entertaining kids and parents  $17.29

12. DNA kit for building the molecules that built them  $21.69

13. Squishy Human Body for removing organs and putting them back again $21.99

14. Kano Kit for making their own computer $119.99

15.  Make Your Own Chocolate Kit because every kid loves chocolate!  $13.95

Books to Inspire Future Scientists

1. Animalium for kids who love animals  $28 or this activity book

2. What If? for kids who are always asking why  $13.46

3. Coppernickel, The Invention for kids who make machines out of Cheerio boxes  $14.93

4. Oh No! for kids who dream big  $14.11

5. This Book Thinks You’re A Scientist for kids who want to interact with science  $13.42

6. Goodnight Lab for babies who have nerdy parents  $7.93

7. Rosie Revere, Engineer, Iggy Peck, Architect, Ada Twist, Scientist and Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers  for kids who like stories $6.10 – $9.42

8. Science Experiments You Can Eat for kids who blow bubbles in their chocolate milk  $7.23

9. Eye to Eye for kids who see the world differently  $14.24

10. Nature Anatomy for kids who love big books  $12.89

11. Human Anatomy Coloring Book for kids who are into body parts  $3.49

12. Women in Science for all science-loving kids $10.19 and this journal

13. Potentially Catastrophic Science for family fun over any school break  $6.21

Prices accurate as of 12/12/17

For hundreds of other gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board. It’s stuffed full of STEM gifts for kids of all ages.


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