Send this guide to your mum, include a link in your emails, or order R2D2 USB drives for all your grad students and nerdy friends.

Gifts for Grad Students & Post Docs

1. Fancy journal for their Nobel-winning thoughts  $22

2. Wireless presenter for wowing dissertation committees and interviewers  $14.99

3.  Leather laptop bag for being extra professional  $46.99

4. Natural selection bookmarks for their stacks of books  $9.96

5. Tassel Charger keychain for beautifying data  $7.49

6. Nerdy holiday reading  $11.06

7. Noise cancelling headphones for dissertatin’  $34.55

8. R2D2 USB drive  $12.75. And a movie date – you know they’re counting down the days

9. Stress relief for when it is NOT their fault  $9.60

10. Eye-pleasing calendar for bringing color to the lab  $20

11. Premium subscription for work and fun

12. Big Bang Lego set because we all dream of hanging out with Leonard and Sheldon  $59.99

Gifts for Professors

1. Ugly sciencey sweater for all their holiday party needs  $27.99

2. The only pencil they use that is always close by  $17.30

3. Online services delivered to their door – cleaner/snow shoveler/personal trainer/booze/food  $25 – $100

4. Awesome artwork from their research field  $75

5. Bluetooth locator for the absent minded professor  $26.99

6. Smartphone projector for meetings across campus and across the country  $99.99

7. Nerdy germy holiday decorations  $19.95

8. Memory sticks in bulk – see #5  $34.99

9. Just out and rife with giggles  $10.94. Or this book or this book 

10. Best gift from a student? A nice thank you note AFTER grades have been submitted  $4.90

Gifts for Caffeinated Academics

1. From scholars to deans, a perfect mug for any caffeinated academic  $13.95

2. Cold brew coffee gift set for fancy coffee right in the lab  $59.99

3. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker for caffeine emergencies on the go  $49.97

4. Laboratory Beaker Mug to camouflage caffeine  $11.95

5. Perfect guidebook for coffee aficionados to get the science behind the bean  $15.03

6. R2-D2 Coffee Press to enhance lab productivity and happiness  $29.99

7. Coffee socks for frigid university buildings $14.99

8. Upright Bike Cup Holder for preventing coffee spills when they pop a wheelie on the way to faculty meetings  $25.00

9. Caffeine Molecule Travel Mug for love of their favorite compound  $21.95

10. Silver earrings to impress chemistry colleagues  $19.00. More nerdy science jewelry here

11. Barisieur Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock for a beautiful start their day  $340

Prices accurate as of 12/1/17

For hundreds of other gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board. It is stuffed full of all the thoughtful gifts and the tackiest science related offerings we could find.


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