From tasty effervescence to notebooks for Nobel-winning thoughts, here are the top 15 gifts for celebrating phase transitions:

  1. Dom Perignon, of course, or Veuve Clicquot for cheaper yet tasty effervescence $199.99 and $59.99
  2. Custom portrait for fancy new office décor $30
  3. Leather laptop bag to replace their backpack $59.99
  4. Coffee maker to start the lab off right $108.08
  5. Amazon, Visa, or Spotify gift card for intractable gifting
  6. Coffee Powered Stirling Engine for impressing new colleagues $39.99
  7. Research notebooks for Nobel-winning thoughts $14.95
  8. Scented candle by state to remind them of home $31.23
  9. Mechanical pencil for their first emergency tracheotomy $229.28 (or this one named Ambition $52.95)
  10. Clever cards, cards, cards, and more cards for celebrating phase transitions
  11. Frame for flaunting evidence-based achievements $166.95
  12. Flowers in school colors (or the bouquet they really want)
  13. Electronics cable organizer for avoiding dongle disorder $49.99
  14. Custom bobblehead for celebrating the hood and chevrons $89.95


Life-sized cardboard cutout for celebrating during COVID   $54.99

Prices accurate as of 3/23/2021

For lots of other gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board. It is stuffed full of all the thoughtful gifts and tackiest science related offerings we could find.

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