Your mentees called and this is what they really want for the holidays. Oh, and an R01.

1. Quality microphone for having a voice and being heard $129.99

2. Light ring for illuminating zoom calls $99.99

3. Office decor subscription box for a snazzier work space – at home or work $47.99/month

4. Customized Lab Wars card game for building a research empire $237

5. & 6. Ugly science sweaters (Pac-Man) for virtual holiday parties $26.95 & $60.99

7. Crushing It socks for R01 submissions $15.99

8. Bayesian Probability baby book for new parents calculating the conditional probability of a full night’s sleep $9.59

9. Meal delivery gift card for virtual faculty meetings with no free lunch

10. Etsy gift card for handmade, vintage, and unique beakers and pipettes

11. Tea or Coffee thermos for an experiment that’s going to last a while $24.95

12. Coffee subscription for beans tailored to your research hours $60/3 months

13. Balancing siphon coffee maker for the fanciest coffee maker in the lab $133.33

14. Doodling for Academics for coloring in a future endowed chair $14.95

15. How to Do Nothing for a “meandering conversation with a brilliant friend” $19.59

16. Pencil holder for lending a hand $18.95

17. Atomic Habits to start the New Year off with good intentions $16.20

18. Notebook for celebrating the perks of working from home $17.99

19. Thesis notes for those 2AM ‘genius’ thoughts $12.56

20. Bisected human head for knitted visual aids $678

21. Airbnb experiences online for guided meditation with sleepy sheep in Scotland $18

22. Intex spa for a relaxing soak after a log day of zoom calls $799.99

BONUS GIFT: Human brain valet keychain  $29.75

For hundreds of other gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board. It is stuffed full of all the thoughtful gifts and tackiest science related offerings we could find.

Prices accurate as of 11/12/20


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