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Heather Siefkes says:

If it’s your first time attending a confernce, be prepared that the conference may be overwhelming large.
In regard to posters, use the fabric posters so you don’t have to travel wtih a large poster tube. Also talk to people that come by your poster. Most people that come by your poster won’t initiate conversation. If you initiate the conversation, they will gladly hear about your project and it gives you practice talking about your work and maybe you will learn something from them.
If there are “ask the researcher” type of stands, go to them. I recieved great one on one advice and some great networking by approaching the senior researchers at these stands.  

Helen Bird says:

In order to be considered for the Wheels Up contest, please make your comment into a post on Edge for Scholars.

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Maureen Murtaugh says:

Take the time to review the agenda for the meeting.  Use the author/contributor search feature (if available) to search for authors whose work you follow.  Attend professional association events, leaders in your field will be there.  When you have these pieces of information, plan your own agenda.     

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