Paying it forward pays off. Edge for Scholars wants to help feather your research nest as your flock returns to the lab for the new academic year. Author(s) of the most viewed entries between now and July 28 will receive gift cards to help replenish lab and office supplies that were stretched thin this past year.

What are your best academic life hacks? This is your chance to share protips and insights for thriving in academic research – the advice you wish you had received sooner, a “secret” hack to get the job done, things you wish your mentor had known or done, or resources that are under-recognized. Ideal posts will deliver practical and candid advice.

The Fine Print: Blog posts relevant to researchers and mentors for any career stage from undergraduate to emeritus faculty are welcome, as are authors at any career stage. Advice in any realm of academic research is the focus of this contest. Program or group authorship is allowed; the award given does not change. Reposting a prior blog from another site in its entirety on will be eligible; partial posts with indication to read more elsewhere will not be eligible.

Contest will close at 5:00 pm CT on July 28, 2021. The winning posts will be determined by total views as recorded by the view counter in each post on Posts with evidence of automated or commercially promoted views will be disqualified. You are welcome to link to the post on social media. We encourage sharing. Anonymous posts are allowed, but you will need to disclose your identity to the Edge for Scholars team to collect your prize.

“A bird is safe in its nest – but that is not what its wings are made for.” Amit Ray

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Tina L. Gumienny says:

Treat your inner critic as a well-meaning but somewhat thick-headed bodyguard who can be silenced for a period of time (that you choose and set with an audible timer) while you get productive stuff done.

Brooke Levandowski says:

My life hack: On Sunday, I spend 1-2 hours cleaning out my inbox and scheduling my week, including carrying forth projects not finished, and highlighting deadlines.  I determine a time each day for writing and enter it into my calendar, so it’s “protected” and can’t be grabbed by someone else for a meeting.

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