Now is an EXCELLENT time to spend a couple minutes updating your profile on Edge for Scholars. Not only will you be eligible to win some cool swag for having an up to date profile, but we are going to be rolling out some new snazzy profile features. All you need to do is fill out your profile and presto-change-o, the worker bees behind the scenes will spiffy you up in no time for the new glam profiles we will start rolling out super soon.

Get Ready! Update your profile now.

Think of your profile as a great central hub for all Edgy things. Folks will be able to see everything you posted, information on who you are (or not, if you want to be a pseud), sites you like and how to find you on the twitters and MySpace or whatever your preferred chatting play space is.

We have some super fabulous ideas about making some badges to thank bloggers who respond quickly to comments, get a 100 views in a day, are willing to take on the boss in a kettlebell challenge…those kinds of things!

If you haven’t made yourself a cool profile, you really should. All it takes is an email address and click on that Register button. It’s how we know who to give things to. And they aren’t even weird things…they are cool things. Like puppies and Ferraris. Or notebooks. Mostly notebooks. But really good ones! 

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