Spark a career path or inspire creativity with these Edge-tastic STEM gifts for future scientists.

Gifts to Inspire Future Scientists

1. DIY Mobile 4G Phone Kit for obsessed teenagers $169.95

2. Intro to Engineering for kids who like to solve problems $28

3. Scientist LEGO Minifigures for all your doppelgänger needs $20.75

4. Proof Math Game for exponential fun $15

5. Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit for coding entertainment $99.99

6. Vector Robot for visits to creepy valley $72.00 (on sale because it will no longer be supported by Anki)

7. HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy for future vets and their feline friends $8.49

8. da Vinci Nano 3D Printer for small inventions $155.95

9. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Anatomy Play Set for when a cadaver just won’t cut it $10.39

10. LEGO Creator Robo because these ARE the droids you’re looking for $27.21

11. Nintendo Labo Robot Kit for robots made of real cardboard $37.99

12. Copernicus Catapult for hurling stocking stuffers at siblings $30

13. Blizzardly Fun Instant Snow for dreaming of nucleated water crystals $12.99

14. Peppermint The Magnificent Mars Expedition for aspiring astrophysicists $21

15. Sphero Specdrums for acoustic pressure waves $44.99

16. Playz Disgusting n’ Gross Zombie Farts, Boogers, & Bloody Slime Science Activity & Experimental Set for middle schoolers everywhere $29.99 

Prices accurate as of 12/5/19

Gifts for Scientists and their Babies

1. Goodnight Lab for bedtime stories with spectrometers $9.38

2. Organic Chemistry for pre-med babies $8.48

3. Experimenting with Babies for little research subjects $7.68

4,. 5., & 6. outfits for nerdy tots $14.95 – $18.00

7. Kids First Aircraft Engineer for young engineers $49.95

8. PlanToys Nuts and Bolts for inclined plane fun $18

9. Magbot Magnetic Block Set for robotic manufacturing $30

10. Coogam Bee Hive for maintaining bee colonies $14.99

11. Fraction Cubes for learning proportional relationships $30

12. What’s Inside Me Doll for cuddles and anatomy $69.99

13. Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot for baby steps in robotics $35.07

14. Periodic Table Building Blocks for elements of building $32.95

15. Parker the Interactive Bear Patient for picnics and x-rays $50

Prices accurate as of 12/5/19


Gifts to Inspire Future Scientists 2018 and 2017

Nerdy Science Gifts for All

For hundreds of other gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board. It’s stuffed full of STEM gifts for kids of all ages.

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