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An edition is a customized version of the site for an institution, organization, or group.  Content posted to an edition can be pushed publically to the main feed or kept private so that only followers of that edition can see it.  People at your institution or in your group might post seminar or workshop announcements, meeting notes, or discussion of campus issues.  To view these private posts, you need to follow that edition.

You can still see and comment on public posts without following any editions, and you can post to the public site without following any editions.  This just lets you get a better edge.

Follow an Edition

Want to follow your institution or group’s edition?  There are two ways to do so.  You can either click on [view all editions] at the bottom of the My Editions box to the right of the feed on any page, or you can hover over your profile and user name until you see All Editions on the dropdown.

This will take you to a page where you can Subscribe to Editions.  Just click Follow under the edition(s) you want to follow, and your work is done!  An Edition Administrator will soon approve your request, and that edition will show up in your My Editions box for you to click on.

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