UPDATED! We funded our first SIX projects of 2016! See new project below

 Are you ready for the madness?

Over here on The Edge for Scholars, we’ve picked up on a Twitter science tradition of doing NCAA Men’s Basketball Brackets to benefit STEM education.  This year, we are trying to fund a student-lead engineering STEM program in a high poverty neighborhood, so invite your buddies to play as well!

Players who are PIs are asked to donate $10 per bracket, and students players are asked to donate $5 per bracket by Thursday, March 17th at 10 am EST. Pool manager BethAnn aka Fighty Squirrel welcomes you to join a great tournament filled with epic upsets and buzzer beaters.

** UPDATED contribution to our SEVENTH project: HERE **

Set your brackets here The password is: scienceisgood

All that’s left to do is pick the winners! The winner of this year’s bracket gets….BOOKS! You’ll get three amazing and inspiring books on time and management that were featured here including Resilience, Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t: The New Rules of Work and another I can’t remember!

Good luck and tweet at us via @edgeforscholars or @mclneuro with your picks!

This is an honor system, so be honorable and insert some language a lawyer would like about how this is optional blah, blah and not gambling.



SECOND PROJECT FUNDED!! Let’s see if the seed and weed people in Evo/Eco can get their folks behind our high poverty school garden science project.

THIRD PROJECT….FUNDED!!! An awesome sounding frog pond for our future field scientists!

FOURTH PROJECT FUNDED!! This project is for a fun butterfly project for our buddies in GA focusing on prek-2nd grade.

FIFTH PROJECT: FUNDED! Microscopes for some awesome folks in NC in high school who are itching to look at slides!

Sixth Project! THIS IS CRAZY YOU GUYS!! And we’re sharing some love of science with these awesome kiddos in a special ed cluster in SC who are doing their first Donors Choose project directed at hands-on learning. Yay! New sciencers!

The Donor’s Choose project was selected as a high poverty, student lead initiative for grades 9-12. For those who don’t know about Donor’s Choose, it’s a fabulous way to connect donors with outreach and education programs in need of financial backing.

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