Not all heroes wear capes. Enter Dr. Jessica Cantlon, professor in brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester. In a new video, Cantlon reproaches Rochester’s president, Joel Seligman, after his public statement compares 11 women coming forward to describe sexual harassment in the department to a retracted Rolling Stone article.

Exhibit A: Seligman’s public statement regarding victims’ credibility.

Participants of the meeting applaud as Cantlon tells Seligman the language used in his wide-spreading email is “dangerous,” and by questioning victims’ credibility he encourages them to not report sexual assault and harassment. In response, Seilgman tries to explain his intent of using said language. Needless-to-say, the room doesn’t buy his explanation.

If you are following the case, you know Cantlon is one of eight people who filed a complaint against Florian Jaeger for a decade-spanning pattern of sexually manipulative behavior. If you are not following the case, my friend, Fighty Squirrel, can get you caught up.

Be sure to turn the volume up on the video as it was presumably recorded with a cell phone and it is hard to hear everything being said.

Disclaimer: Post written by Britteny Watson-Ivey. I speak for myself.



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