For most, the academic year begins next month, and teachers are gearing up for the first day of class. Start well with these essays, tutorials, and suggestions:

Build a Great Syllabus

How Do I Create an Effective Syllabus? – Instructions for making your syllabus approachable and learner-centered.

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy – Model for describing learning; useful for writing learning outcomes. (Also check out the related page on learning outcomes.)

The Chronicle of Higher Ed‘s guide to creating a syllabus – There’s a LOT here. The “Course Goals” section is particularly valuable. There’s also a nice guide to crafting an attendance policy.

Have a Fantastic First Day

Make the Most of a First Day of Class – How to introduce yourself effectively, set the tone for the course, understand studetns’ baseline knowledge, and more.

How to Teach a Good First Day of Class – Four core principles to shape your planning for Day One.

First Day of Class – Short, to the point guide for an optimal first day.

Other Advice for the First Day and Every Day

Avoid Overprepping with Pattern Teaching – Streamline course prep with interchangeable segments; use them like Legos and build a class.

Improv Training Rescued Me in the Classroom

A Different Way to Deliver Student Feedback – A STEM professor offers a system of feedback based on the performing arts.

How to Overcome Zoom Fatigue – If you’re teaching online this semester, these tips can help your class connect and coalesce.

Small Steps to Build a More Inclusive Classroom – Use an anonymous survey to understand potential barriers to learning at the start of the semester. Request the form.

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