On Thursday, June 23, the All of Us Research Program announced a new data update to the Researcher Workbench. This refresh includes information donated by participants through January 1, 2022. Using this data, researchers will be able to tap into the dataset’s rich COVID-19 data, as well as initial responses to the program’s new social determinants of health survey. Highlights of the available data include:

  • Data from more than 372,000 participants, nearly 80% of whom identify with groups historically underrepresented in medical research, including 45% who identify with a racial or ethnic minority group.

  • The Researcher Workbench now includes records from nearly 20,000 participants who had SARS-CoV-2, opening new opportunities to study COVID-19 disease prevention, progression, and recovery through genomic, clinical, and participant-reported data.

  • The COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) Survey, with responses from more than 100,000 participants, provides insights into participants’ mental and physical health during the first year of the pandemic.

  • More than 132,600 responses to the Minute Survey on COVID-19 Vaccines, offering insight into participants’ perspectives on vaccines, and information about their vaccination status and plans.

  • More than 57,600 initial responses to the program’s new social determinants of health survey are now available for analysis.

  • The Researcher Workbench now supports more than 2,300 registered researchers from more than 350 organizations and more than 1,700 active projects.

For more information, visit the All of Us Research Hub and become a registered user

For more information on funding opportunities, visit NIH All of Us Research Program


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