The last two weeks have been CRAZY – crazy good! From humble beginnings five years ago where a dozen scientists kicked in $10 to DonorsChoose to over 200 people donating, DarwinsBalls has doubled our impact in the last year alone.

With 47 projects funded for a grand total of $22,892 there are going to be a lot of happy K-12 kids doing STEM thanks to your help. We funded over three dozen Chromebooks, iPads and desktops. A couple hundred goggles and calculators. Office supplies and, yes, even food for classrooms. You can see the crazy list of projects for schools all over the country over here.

DonorsChoose is always a fantastic place to put your donations. All your money goes straight to classrooms and that’s a big deal. We were particularly fortunate this year to have folks at Verizon match contributions to several of our bigger projects. And there are many more thanks…

This absolutely would not have been possible without you guys. The Twitter posse poking, prodding and challenging followers to join us launched us to crazy new heights this year.

Over 150 bracket are now humming along over HERE on CBS Sports and you can follow #DarwinsBalls to see the fun gifts we’ll be handing out at Edge for Scholars as our little way to say thanks.

Enjoy your brackets. Stay awesome and I hope to see you all here next year.


I am a tired squirrel.

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