Communities such as racial and ethnic minorities, those who live in rural areas, and LGBTQ+ people have been left out of biomedical research in the past. As a result, we know less about the health of those historically underrepresented in medical research and ways to provide them with the best care, resulting in potentially less effective prevention and treatment strategies. The All of Us Research Program is working to enroll one million or more participants across the U.S. to share data that can fuel new insights into human health. By engaging people from diverse communities and making their data available to researchers, All of Us seeks to accelerate health and medical research to enable individualized prevention, treatment, and care.

The program’s expansive dataset lives on a secure, cloud-based platform called the Researcher Workbench. Researchers across a wide range of settings and career stages can register for access. Data are curated into research datasets and combine biological factors, genomics, and social determinants through a wide variety of data types.

Once on the Researcher Workbench, registered researchers can pursue a wide range of research projects including but not limited to:

  • Conducting prospective, retrospective, and cross-sectional analyses
  • Developing improved risk assessment and prevention strategies to preempt disease
  • Investigating health disparities and finding new approaches to improve health equity
  • Providing earlier and more accurate diagnoses to reduce illness burden
  • Increasing wellness and resilience and promoting healthy living
  • Enabling new precision treatments and interventions

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