Summer is a great time for home improvement projects.  But let’s face it, these projects can be seriously dull.  The NIH All About Grants podcast can help you make the best use of your time.  The podcast is not flashy, but it is USEFUL.  I listened to nearly all of them two years ago as I stained my back deck, and they really helped me to learn more about the grant process.  They are the perfect speed and content for learning while you complete mindless, repetitive tasks.

Topics include the NIH’s inclusion across the lifespan policy, understanding biosketch requirements, and two brand new podcasts on the appendix policy and the post application submission policy. These 10-minute podcasts are not showy or overly dense.  They are simply highly-qualified people discussing topics beneficial to grant writers.

Can you get this information from other sources?  Yes.  However, this podcast is perfect to help you keep moving forward on your grant goals, even as you knock out that boring home improvement task.  It’s nice to hear this important information presented in a discussion format as if they were talking to you over a cup of coffee.  Each expert provides gentle reminders on areas that are confusing or difficult for new grant writers.

It’s been a great two years since I first listened to the All About Grants podcasts. I now have the external K that I was working toward.

Now I am knee deep in learning about compliance and aiming toward an R.  My deck needs a refresher.  I think this weekend I will grab some stain and queue up the episodes on “sharing in the research sandbox” and public access policy compliance. This way when I get the R, my deck will look great for the celebration party.

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