Around the Twitter world today, a kindly trainee had been offered an awesome job (woot!). BUT, and there’s always a but,  there were no other minority hires in their department/institution. They meekly inquired,

“If I’m a minority who has been offered a job, is it tacky to point out that they have no other minorities on campus?”

Fighty Squirrel says, “Do it!”

Every worthy institution values all the tools, gifts, and enthusiasm you bring to the job. They will also work with you to enable you to overcome any obstacle that limits your success. If you want a partner and not just a job, you need to know they are committed to you. It may not be a super comfortable conversation, but it beats wondering if you will be the only black person/woman/LGBTQ person on campus forever.

Forever is a long time to deny how awesome your background is.

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