For those in the thick of interview season, a roundup of great advice for putting your best foot forward:

How Not to Blow an Interview  – Ten tips to keep 20 seconds of bad phrasing or a boneheaded response from ruining the whole thing.

Junior Prof’s Preliminary Interview Questions – 27 questions, some subset of which you will almost certainly be asked. Prepare your answers now.

The Professor Is In: The First-Round Interview Versus the Campus Visit How they differ, what the search committee looks for in each, and how to ace both.

Acing the Reverse Interview – When all you’re asked is whether you have any questions, here’s how to smoothly insert info about your skills and accomplishments.  (On the topic of questions, also read The Professor Is In: Good Question.)

7 Hazards of the Campus Interview – How to handle inappropriate questions, random comments, and offers of alcohol.

The Etiquette Minefield of the Interview Meal – From a hospitality industry expert who teaches business etiquette seminars, best practices for dinner with your future colleagues. (Protip: Texting is a bad plan.)

What to Do Immediately After an Interview – Method for processing how an interview went to help you decide whether to stay in the game.

And for a peek at the other side, What Actually Happens After the Interviews Are Over?

Do you have job interview tips to share? Leave a comment below!

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