The NIH recently announced changes to its Biosketch and Other Support documents that took effect beginning with applications and RPPRs submitted with a due date of May 25, 2021. Don’t panic: These changes are minor and an effort to eliminate duplicate information. Below we highlight the changes and provide links to the updated blank documents.


Section A. Personal Statement

The biggest change comes in this section. Section D, formerly your list of current and recent grants, is now included in the personal statement and restricted to ongoing and completed projects from the past three years only that you wish to highlight. (You do not have to include everything.) The sample biosketch arranges this section with the personal statement first, then the highlighted grants in a similar format to the old biosketch, except without the description of the project.

Section B. Positions, Appointments, and Honors

Renamed “Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors.” The items should now be listed in reverse chronological order. NIH has also spelled out the items to include rather than leaving it to the individual’s discretion: “all positions and scientific appointments both domestic and foreign, including affiliations with foreign entities or governments. This includes titled academic, professional, or institutional appointments whether or not remuneration is received, and whether full-time, part-time, or voluntary (including adjunct, visiting, or honorary).”

Section C. Contributions to Science

Nothing has changed here.

Section D. Research Support

This section has been removed from non-fellowship biosketches. Fellowship applicants must still include Section D. Scholastic Performance.


Be sure to download these templates so you have the correct OMB number and revision date in the upper right corner, and to match any other tiny formatting changes that may exist.

Non-Fellowship Biosketch (OMB No. 0925-0001 and 0925-0002 (Rev. 12/2020 Approved Through 02/28/2023)

Fellowship Biosketch OMB No. 0925-0001 and 0925-0002 (Rev. 03/2020 Approved Through 02/28/2023)

Examples of Biosketches in the New Format

Non-Fellowship Biosketch

Fellowship Biosketch

Other Support

New Format

The format page has been re-organized to separate funded projects from in-kind contributions. 

A signature block has been added that requires each Program Director/Principal Investigator or Other Senior/Key Personnel to electronically sign their respective Other Support form as a PDF prior to submission, which certifies its accuracy.

Foreign Appointments/Activities

For senior/key personnel with foreign appointments and/or employment with a foreign institution, copies of contracts, grants, or agreements specific to that person must be included. If the documents aren’t in English, you must provide a translated copy.

Undisclosed Other Support

Reporting is required as soon as the institution learns of PI or Senior/Key personnel Other Support that was not disclosed via Just-in-Time (JIT) or RPPR. This must be submitted via email to the Grants Management Specialist named in the NOGA. This does not appear to apply to newly received awards during the period of your NIH award; you still report those yearly via the RPPR.

New Other Support Template

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