You’ve come to The Edge – like what you see? Got ideas? The Edgetastic Panel will be our go-to group for gathering rapid-fire feedback about new directions for the blog and our social media content.

You’ll receive links to pop-up surveys to help guide our content and development teams to keep our style and content edgy and true. Every response will be worth $5 and we’ll send you a $25 Amazon gift card when you’ve weighed in five times.

  • To thank you, we’ll need a name and snail mail address.
  • To get surveys you’ll need to provide an email or watch for pop-ups surveys on twitter @edgeforscholars.

We’ll call on you for help with:

  • Love it, ignore it, and hate it ratings of current content
  • Priorities (what’s the relative value to you of teaching tips, vs negotiation skills, vs life hacks)
  • Reality checks (would anyone use messaging on the site?)
  • Suggestions for content, new sources, and new ways of delivering resources
  • Naming new features
  • Nosy questions to put to key policy and academic leaders in interviews
  • Fresh open-ended input

Sign up here to be Edgetastic! (Come on…you know you’re not shy about what you like and need.)

  • We'll never sell or share your contact information.

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