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It is 1:30 PM on Friday the 13th, I’m still in my pajamas, and my twins are arguing over whose turn it is to scoop the cat box. So it goes as we continue working from home during coronavirus.

My children’s advice for staying productive at work over winter break and beyond: adopt a cat if you don’t already have three, buy lots of chocolate, and turn the TV on.

Additional suggestions if cats, chocolate, and TV don’t work out as a long-term solution:

Working from home with your new co-workers

Social distancing from parents already there

Advice from a working homeschool parent

And why not make it an educational event:

Talking to kids and teens about coronavirus

NPR’s Life Kit answers parenting during coronavirus questions

Facebook group for educational resources

Google spreadsheet with more than 35 links to resources about education and the impact of coronavirus on schools and students

Printable comic book exploring coronavirus

Kids’ guide to coronavirus

Short video explaining coronavirus to kids by nanogirl

Stay tuned for a new post on somewhat educational You Tube channels. For now here are virtual museum tours from around the world

Share your best tips below. I’ll make a round up of your suggestions and add to the google doc.

Documenting the cat box saga in an ‘official way’ was so amusing to my kids they stopped arguing. Poop is not scooped. But my work is done. 

UPDATE: Poop has been scooped. Parent win. 

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Scott J. Pearson says:

Mo Willems, a great children’s author and illustrator, is posting a daily vlog post on YouTube through the Kennedy Center. My daughter loves him. We were joined by her very own pigeon drawing at lunch.

Great list!  Another option as we get restless:

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