Key considerations for maintaining a positive and professional academic Twitter presence.

This is self-branding. Every word reflects on you as a person and professional.

Treat Twitter friends as friends. Because they are.

This is a nuance and context desert. Broad strokes.

Promote others and amplify the useful.

This subtweet is not about you.

Whimsy is encouraged.

I like folks’ accomplishments and joys nearly every time I see them. Post those without hesitation.

Ignore, mute, block negative/bad faith comments. Give them no air.

Folks are here for different reasons – often therapeutic – and that’s okay.

Be yourself. Unless you suck. (Classical folk wisdom)

My family follows me and holds me accountable. That’s a luxury.

Thank you to Dr. Steven R. Shaw @Shawpsych for giving permission to share this content which he originally posted on Twitter December 31, 2021.

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