If it’s your first time attending a conference, be prepared that the conference may be overwhelming large.

In regard to posters, use the fabric posters so you don’t have to travel with a large poster tube. Also talk to people that come by your poster. Most people that come by your poster won’t initiate conversation. If you initiate the conversation, they will gladly hear about your project and it gives you practice talking about your work and maybe you will learn something from them.

If there are “ask the researcher” type of stands, go to them. I received great one on one advice and some great networking by approaching the senior researchers at these stands.

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Alissa says:

An alternative option for paper posters is to mail the poster in the tube ahead of time to the conference/hotel.  There is sometimes a fee for picking it up/holding it at the hotel/conference center.  You can also mail the poster back to yourself after the conference (check for local postoffice locations to avoid the hotel/conference center fee on the return).

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