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Moderated by John McLean, Faculty Senate Chair, and Susan Wente, Interim Chancellor and Provost.

This Town Hall was held on June 24, 2020, to address concerns and answer questions of faculty who will need to adapt to new teaching challenges this fall.

08:46 — Presentation: Active Learning in Hybrid & Physically Distanced Classrooms
by Derek Bruff, Director of the Center for Teaching

  • 08:46 –  definitions of Face-to-Face, synchronous vs asynchronous online, hybrid
  • 12:40 –  potential set-ups
  • 14:52 –  outline of various teaching strategies (also see blog post)
  • 27:28 –  a reminder that this is new territory for faculty and students
  • many resources are available: Online Course Design Institute, Online course visits, Brightspace support,

30:07 — Q&A is also posted on faculty site
panelists: Mavis Schorn and Andre Christie-Mizell, co-Chairs of the Education Continuity subcommittee, Derek Bruff

  • 31:14 – When will the schedule be settled?
  • 37:50 – What can faculty expect regarding remote student participation? (how will students be identified? how will extreme time zone differences be handled? what level of participation can be expected?)
  • 40:50 – How can CfT help faculty meet expectations in course design?
  • 44:20 – What technologies can faculty expect to see in their classrooms? What if faculty are assigned to a room without enhanced equipment?
  • 48:39 – How are safety protocols in classrooms being determined?
  • 50:50 – What messages are students receiving about returning to campus and attending in-person classes?
  • 51:45 – When can faculty reach out to students? How should faculty reply to student questions?
  • 53:40 – What assumptions can faculty make about student access to technology?
  • 54:54 – What contingency plans exist for faculty who become ill or must quarantine?
  • 57:57 – Can you discuss immersion experience plans?
  • 59:10 – How should faculty include pandemic-related guidelines in the syllabus?

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