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In this webinar, OLAW and USDA discuss important agency updates since our last webinar (March 19, 2020), including:

  • NIH Guidance on allowable costs for moving animals to holding protocols
  • NIH Guidance on donating personal protective equipment to support COVID-19 relief efforts
  • USDA facility status and inspections
  • USDA contact information
  • USDA statement on Essential Employees

We also have detailed discussions of:

  • What does and does not require an OLAW waiver
  • OLAW and USDA flexibilities to continue conducting semiannual inspections and IACUC business
  • Similarities and differences in OLAW and USDA flexibilities and regulations
  • Timing of future semiannual inspections
  • How to extend protocols due to expire

And much more. Many of these topics clarify and extend beyond the information available in our FAQs, and benefit from the valuable input of our USDA colleague.

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