A few years ago I asked one of our primary mentors, Dr. Julie Locher, to share with our early career investigators advice that she shares with her mentees as well as advice she had been given throughout her career.  As part of her exceptional presentation, she shared with the group a paper from Dr. Steven C. Hayes from the University of Nevada at Reno where he outlines 13 rules for success.  I encourage you to seek out the full paper for his commentary and for you to take away your own nuggets for each of these rules.

Rule 1. Care About the Process, Not Just the Outcome

Rule 2. Talk and Write – A Lot

Rule 3. Say “Yes” Easily and Mean It

Rule 4. Work with Others and Share Easily

Rule 5. Keep Your Commitments

Rule 6. Even Dogs Never Urinate in Their Own Beds

Rule 7. Acknowledge Your Own Power and Behave Accordingly

Rule 8. Acknowledge Your Own Finitude and Behave Accordingly

Rule 9. Network With Your Betters

Rule 10. Guard Your Integrity

Rule 11. Follow Your Bliss

Rule 12. Say “No” Easily and Mean It

Rule 13. Open Your Mail, Return Your Phone Calls, and Keep Your Desk Clean

To the last rule, as Dr. Hayes states, “Not every rule can be followed.”

From: Hayes SC. Thirteen rules of success: A message for students.  The Behavior Therapist. 1988; 21:47-49.

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