Have you ever tried working somewhere other than your usual desk? I find it very productive. And because it is productive, and allows me to really “get into” what I’m working on, I also find it to be invigorating.

No phone (except my personal cell which is limited to family/friends). No one stopping by my office. No meetings. No “I have to show my face.” Wear whatever I want. Skip the make up. Get a cup of tea/coffee whenever I want. Now THIS is a productive work environment! (smile)

You’ve read about turning off your email (such as “making your escape” and “incredible productivity advice”). This is an excellent time to do just that. I might check mine twice during these work-somewhere-else days. If I need to email someone regarding something I’m working on this day, I turn on email briefly, send my email, don’t check anything else, and log off again. Then check back an hour or two later to see if I got a reply. I might also make a list (yes – paper and pen!) of people to email or call, but I’ll wait until the end of the day or the next morning before acting on those notes. This is liberating to separate ourselves from the “it has to be done right now” mentality, because most things don’t.

This strategy is great for my biggest projects – writing a grant, working on the discussion section of a manuscript, planning a new seminar. But some years I’ve also done this every two weeks or so. Sometimes getting away from the same four walls just helps.

One important side note: Make sure your boss knows what you produced while working elsewhere. You don’t want anyone to think you are playing hooky, when it is the exact opposite!

UPDATE May 22, 2018

New York Times article this week on this topic is worth reading!

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