The weather is finally warming up, and we’re now into spring conference season.  Go prepared with this grab-bag of tips and tricks from across the web.

Seduction in the Poster Session – Tips and tricks for making sure your poster gets noticed in a crowded room.  Chronicle Vitae offers advice on managing color, coming up with a pithy title, and more.  Even if you’ve made several posters, this is a good refresher for do’s and don’t’s.

How to Impress While Networking – Desperate to secure a collaboration with someone you admire?  Trying to make a favorable impression with someone who might be on the search committee that hires you?  This short but effective infographic gives you the concisest possible set of tips for making the most of an encounter with someone you want to impress.

The Secrets of Body Language: Why You Should Never Cross Your Arms Again – You’ve made contact with the person you want to talk to.  Here’s how to get what you want out of the conversation.

Networking the Scientific Meeting – From Derrick Rancourt, Director of the University of Calgary’s Master of Biomedical Technology program, comes an excellent short essay about what networking is (“Networking is not about receiving but rather it is about giving, leaving a positive impression and building your reputation as a scholar and colleague”), why it’s important, and how to do it.  If you need an example of a good elevator pitch, read this.  (If you don’t know what an elevator pitch is, definitely read this.)

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