It is finally February! So maybe January was a little rough, well, feel free to consider it a trial month and begin your 2018 quest for world domination on February 1st . Since you are pursuing a fresh start maybe consider using the “Panda Planner ” in your pursuit for world domination. This 6-month planner contains monthly, weekly and daily planning sections.

Each monthly section contains space to list goals as well as distractions to avoid to ensure said goals are met. It also has space for you to review the month with “This Month’s Wins” and an “Insights gained” sections.

The weekly portion allows you to spell out the projects you plan to accomplish or tackle that week, prioritize goals, and to list habits you are focusing on developing — all great ways to highlight the subset of your month’s goals you plan to focus on one week at a time. My favorite sections in this part of the planner are the “I’m looking forward to” and “Things I will do to make this week great” sections; both of these sections help me to stay focused on the good things during challenging weeks.

The daily planner, as you have probably already guessed, focuses on your daily priorities and schedule. It also has a section to document things you are grateful for and excited about.
I am a fan of the “Panda Planner Pro” and recommend it to anyone who is trying to get a little better organized. It is a great way to document your goals each month, and the weekly and daily sections of the planner are great tools that help you actualize those goals.

You can find this planner at the link below or search for it on Amazon for $32.97. However, my planner (this is probably true for all their planners) came with a “You (and your friends) Are Awesome” 10% discount. Use the coupon code PANDAFAM on amazon. Happy 2018 and best of luck!

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