It’s an all too familiar scenario. You’re on your way home from a week of seminars, conferences and/or teaching when you find out your flight has been delayed or you have a three-hour layover at O’Hare prior to your next flight. These are moments when having great credit card benefits can help you keep your sanity.

I don’t typically advocate taking on credit card debt, but when travel is required for work, it’s almost imperative to have a card. While APRs and yearly fees can be a hassle, the perks that go along with certain credit cards can be well worth the fees, especially when companies offer access to amenities that ease the stress of traveling.

Credit card travel perks go beyond earned airline miles and discounts on hotels and rental cars. Some cards offer advantages such as expedited TSA screenings and access to airport lounges where travelers can eat, work and relax without the distractions of an often hostile airport environment.  Flyers who need to freshen up can also shower or get a massage in many lounges.

Travelers who don’t want to spend their wait at the airport may have card benefits such as reduced Uber and taxi fares and cash back on shopping, dining and entertainment purchases.

Don’t want to sort through all those offers you get in the mail? Luckily, many sites offer side-by-side comparisons or quizzes to help you decide which is best for your needs. NerdWallet shares the best rewards credit cards as well as drawbacks of each card so you can weigh both pros and cons.

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