Writing guru, fledgling medical editor, former freshman comp teacher, and Edge blogger Rebecca Helton offers bite-sized tips to improve your writing. Small adjustments can make big differences in clarity and style. We’ve rounded up links to the related posts below:

Correcting Comparisons

“Compared to” can’t replace the simpler, clearer “than.” Here’s why.

Comprise vs. Compose

“Comprised of” should never exist in formal writing. Learn how to use the comprise/compose pair accurately.

Don’t Dangle Your Modifiers Off a Cliff

Modifiers provide important detail, but can easily wander off the cliff when used incorrectly. See examples of dangling and secure modifiers.

Energize Your Words with Active Voice

The use of active voice improves even science writing. Sentences get shorter, actions clearer, and the reader more engaged.

Readability Scores

Tips for improving the readability of your writing for all audiences.

Additional Resources:

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Practical Writing Advice from a Writing Teacher

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