Ask someone if they would take a personality test and they may first think of strange inkblots and probing questions about their childhood.

Today’s personality tests move far beyond the Myers Briggs assessments and have been tailored to identify working environments that optimize productivity, creativity, interpersonal skills as well as those that foster leadership.

The latest of the personality testing tools I’ve come to love is based on four different personality traits: Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance. Check your university’s business library for copies of books like Taking Flight: Master Your DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Relationship and Life as well as What Makes You Tick. Free mini-tests also abound on the internet. Not only can they help you find out more about your triggers, strengths and areas you need to develop, they can help you understand how to motivate your team. All are fast, easy and thought provoking reads. How did yours go?

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