The end of a semester is always hard.  Kerry Ann Rockquemore offers advice for taming the chaos.

While there’s plenty of literature out there on how to survive during crunch time, there’s little on how to thrive—to be highly productive in your research and have a full and healthy life. Imagine how it would feel to make significant progress in your writing while also taking weekends off, sleeping eight hours a night, and being fully present with people you love.

As someone who runs an independent faculty-development center that serves over 30,000 academics, I know that learning to thrive in academia is a process. Unfortunately, the behaviors that help people flourish in academia run counter to how most academics work and were socialized in graduate school. However, you can become more productive by making small changes in your daily behavior.

To find out what these small changes are and how to implement them, read the full article at Chronicle Vitae.

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