I had been using the Clear app on my phone and my desktop computer because it allowed me to sync all my tasks no matter where I was. It worked great for me when I had fewer daily tasks but with more items and the constant shifting in priorities, it no longer did the trick.

Also, having this to-do list app open in the background of my computer gave me a constant reminder that I had lots of things to get to. As the list grew longer, it hurt my ability to focus on creative tasks and was a source of anxiety.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to switch up how I manage my to-do list.

I kept using Clear to manage my long-term to-dos but for my daily list I switched back to something I used throughout grade school – a pen and a notebook.

When I started writing my to-dos down on paper, I felt a sense of control.

Read more research-backed advice on keeping your to-do list from distracting you, adding to decision fatigue, and more in the original article at PickCrew.com.

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