Share goals and touch base with other early career faculty. Edge Accountability Groups are now forming for Vanderbilt faculty to share daily commitments, report on progress, and offer peer support in an easy-to-use platform CommitTo3. See the tasks members commit to, network and collaborate with others working on similar activities (maybe even performing a type of analysis you could really use!) and gain connections to new resources and people.

“I imagine I’m not alone in having struggled to maintain productivity during the pandemic. In the past, I’ve used CommitTo3 with friends and have found it to be a simple and fun tool for keeping ourselves accountable and helping me complete, at minimum, my three most important tasks of the day.”

-Scott Lee, K Scholar at VUMC

Group members record three tasks they aim to complete each day and check off items as they go, encouraging each other’s progress through the day as email alerts notify everyone of the group’s progress when a member completes their three commitments. (Alerts can be silenced.)

It’s not a competition, but a community of folks looking to get more done and finding a common place to take the plunge and say “I do”–I mean, “I will do the things that matter most today.”

Feeling a bit fearful of all this talk of commitment? Not to worry, each day’s participation is totally optional and if anyone needs a break, they can and should take it. Choose the most important, the most dreaded, or the easiest tasks–it’s all up to you. Participation via the website is free, and if you want the app for your phone (which is convenient for folks on the go), it’s just $3 to purchase.

Ready to commit? 

To join email for an invite to the group by putting Edge Accountability Groups in the subject line.

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