To achieve a goal, we must celebrate the small wins to fuel motivation. No matter how small, we must recognize the milestones along the way as a tool to energize the process. It is also equally important to intentionally pause and take time to celebrate often while working towards a goal or task.

Picture, if you will, a set of two ladders. These ladders are both equally tall, but the rungs are spaced out differently. One ladder has rungs close tougher while the others are quite far apart. If the goal were to climb that ladder the fastest, one would think it would be wiser to use the one with closer rungs to make climbing easier. The same can be said for reaching goals. If we break the work up into smaller goals or objectives, we are able to celebrate accomplishments more often which allows us more opportunities for motivation and success along the way.

Below are some examples of rewards for celebrating your milestones:

  • Treating yourself to breakfast
  • Purchasing some new workout gear
  • Having dinner with someone in your circle that’s been supporting you on your way to your goal
  • Purchasing some index funds for retirement
  • Marathoning your favorite show on Netflix
  • Attending a sporting event/concert/drag show/comedy show
  • Visiting a museum
  • Planning a day trip with friends
  • Giving yourself a random day off during the week

The most important piece of choosing a reward is that it will rejuvenate you as you climb that next rung on the ladder of success.

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