Building a list of 1,000 awesome things that come along with life in science, one quirky, funny, inspiring piece at a time. Missing your favorite awesomeness? Or have The perfect image? Add in comments or tweet @edgeforscholars to share your personal twist on why science rocks.

1. Zillion uses for Parafilm.

2. The model converges.

3. The fume hood is free.

4. Seeing the microscopic world.

5. Quoting your favorite science tweeps.

6. Isoflurane contact high

7. Working outside in the sunshine.

8. Free lunch/dinners with strangers (aka applicants).

9. Unlimited access to dry ice.

10. Statistical significance.

11. Creating science fiction tools in real life.

12. Drying my shoes in a dessicator.

13. Confirming the drug binds the target in humans.

14. Grant funding.

15. Big donor (where are these?).

16. End of the semester.

17. Curing cancer in mice.

18. Permission to ask incessant questions.

19.  On time participant who holds their breath for their MRI.

20. Running with slides.

21. A tweet about your recently published paper.

22. NOGAs.

23. Finishing the last analysis for a paper.

24. Celebrating null findings.

25. Being in charge of my own schedule (and not just because I don’t have an assistant).

26. Joys of liquid nitrogen and latex gloves.

Destination conference via @cjhass

27. Science & umbrella drinks (aka destination conferences)

28. Dancing and pipetting with headphones.

29. Fact that scientists actively rebel against meetings.

30. Celebration stickers for lab notebooks when folks crush their experiments.

31. Cold room on a sweltering day.

32. Dunkin Donuts naming scientists #1 consumers of coffee.

33. Getting to draw on the windows.

34. Finding your ‘invisible’ splinter under the microscope.

35. Gorgeous results from immunofluorescence assays.

36. Minor revisions to resubmit.

37. Anticipation before settling down to analyze data set. Christmas for adults!

38. Reward for being ADHD.

Cat-o-meter via @icedarkroast

39. Playing with the infrared thermometer.

40. Going to scientific meetings.

41. Coming home inspired.

42. Catching up with old lab buddies at meetings.

43. Fellow post docs starting their own labs.

44. New data visualization tools.

45. Congratulations on your science received in public.

46. Science advocacy.

47. Science communication.

48. New knock out/in created in record time.

49. Upbeat program officers.

50. Academic kindness.

51. Reviewing an amazing and well-written paper.

52. Labs that believe in parties.

53. Cures.

54. Perfectionist biostatisticians.

55. Your first student’s first publication.

56. Your own brand-new lab equipment.

57. Genuine breakthroughs.

58. (Safe) lab pranks…dry ice in eppendorf tube under you labmate’s chair.

59. Seeing the twinkle of understanding in a student’s eyes.

60. Invitation to serve on grant review panel.

61. Upgrade of computing power.

62. Color coding OCD is normal.

63. Travel funds.

64.  Desk copies of textbooks.

65. Media coverage that gets it right.

66. JIT requests.

67. Spontaneous science nerd discussions over lunch.

68. Congratulations from a distant colleague.

69. NIH supplements.

70. Chairs who go to bat for faculty.

Hey, look, a mitosis firework via @prof_riggins

71. Seeing science in everything.

72.  Having the whole lab to yourself.

73. Start of a semester.

74. End of a semester.

75. New & immediately useful info in journal club.


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