Do things on the site and earn badges!  Not only will you get bling, you’ll also get confetti.  It’s pretty awesome.

Liking Stuff

Our easiest badge to earn.  See a great post on the site? Like it!  Not only will you earn a badge, but the author gets warm fuzzies.

Getting Into It
(liking 5 posts)

Liking It Here
(liking 25 posts)

Loving It Here
(liking 50 posts)


Get in the mix by sending some electrons to our posters (or replying to comments on your posts).

Something to Say
(comment 5 times)

Things to Say
(comment 10 times)

Lotsa Things to Say
(comment 25 times)

Loads to Say
(comment 50 times)

Say All the Things
(comment 100 times)


You did it!  Anyone can hang on the sidelines, but it takes a special kind of brave to get out there and offer some advice to our online community. Have a badge.

Started Writing
(write your first post)

Am Writing
(write 5 posts)

Deliberately Writing
(write 10 posts)

Really Writing
(write 25 posts)

Should I Be Writing?
(write 50 posts)

Can’t Stop Writing
(write 100 posts)


Are you famous on the internet? Your post’s pageview count says you are. Every time one of your posts reaches these milestone views, get a badge.

Getting Warm
(one of your posts gets 50 views)

(one of your posts gets 100 views)

En Fuego
(one of your posts gets 500 views)

Going Nova
(one of your posts gets 1000 views)

(one of your posts gets 5000 views)

Being Liked

They like you, they really like you!  If your posts get liked, you get badges.  We won’t tell if you get your friends to help you out.

Round of Applause
(one of your posts receives 10 likes)

Take a Bow
(one of your posts receives 25 likes)

Red Carpet
(one of your posts receives 50 likes)

Accept Your Pulitzer
(one of your posts receives 100 likes)

Editors’ Choice

If you do something really awesome, we’ll award you a special badge.

Editor’s Choice
(awarded for awesome)