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Join the Edge for Scholars Online Grant Writing Workshop for 12 weeks of free guided training starting March 14. Content includes key skills, structure, and supports for accountability to write an outstanding grant. This workshop is ideal for June NIH submissions.

Sarah Dobson teaches and coaches a group of grant authors, including face-to-face virtual meetings. As a grant consultant and academic editor, she consistently receives strong ratings for this workshop that has grown out of more than 16 years of experience working with clinical and translational scientists on grants and academic publications.

Over a 1500 researchers have taken this workshop, and 98% would recommend it to a colleague. Participants have praised the “fresh perspective” and specific tools, templates, and guidelines that are easy to apply to grant writing. As one writer said, “I know my content, but I struggled with communicating it. This workshop really helped me to see through my reviewer’s eyes.” Many have been so encouraged by the online community that they finished drafts of their grants more than a month before the deadline, allowing time for internal feedback.

The online workshop includes:

  • Six core video lessons covering planning, strategy, and writing techniques
  • An online community for daily support and accountability
  • Biweekly Q&As to answer specific questions about writing your grant
  • Bonus lessons and activities

By the end of the workshop, which runs from March to late May, you’ll be able to confidently submit a clear, compelling, and persuasive grant.

This workshop is intended for PIs who are planning to submit applications for summer NIH deadlines. But the lessons and community support will be valuable for you no matter which granting agency you’re applying to. For those not planning to submit this summer, you’re welcome to join us to get a head start on your next application (your future self will give you a high five for starting so early).

Click to register by March 12

We get started on March 14!

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